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Just like Nature intended it. Our selection of infused products are organically grown, with no preservatives, and all handmade.

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Since 2014, CBD Therapy has been a family-owned and operated business that functions on the core values of quality, community, and treating customers like our own. Cannabis is our passion, and getting you quality products is very important to us. Our partners in Colorado and Texas are just as passionate about the plant as us. They have many years of experience in the industry, and they specialize in the cultivation and extraction. They address the agricultural needs of the market through genetic research, propagation, and the cultivation of hemp to bring you the best possible product out there.

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and Nourishing

All our topicals are made with

organic butter, oil, beeswax,

and a delicious blend of essential oils

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Calming and Balancing

We work with trusted farms to find you a delicious way to ingest CBD and more!


At CBD Therapy, we’re committed to helping every customer find reliable products that perfectly suit their consumption preferences.  To that end, we’re pleased to offer a variety of smokable options, including flower, joints, pre-rolls, and cartridges.

In addition to our selection of edibles, isolates, topicals, and more, we provide a range of products designed for anyone who prefers the benefits inherent to inhaled products.  With our quality hemp joints, cartridges, and more to choose from, you’ll get the results you desire from small-batch, locally-sourced flower.

We understand that every customer has unique needs and preferences.  Different products can deliver a variety of desirable features and outcomes. 

With a wide range of quality products to choose from, CBD Therapy offers all the fresh smokable, edible, topical, and other potent CBD options you want in one convenient shopping experience.

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“I am very picky about the CBD products that I use. So many don’t deliver what they say they will and most often the aroma of the products  can also be very off putting. This product though!  I absolutely love it. Smells divine and has worked wonders relieving pain. I really love your products, you can tell they are infused with love.” 

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