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Savor the Texan tradition of sweet indulgence with our CBD Pecan Praline, a delightful treat crafted with just five simple ingredients in addition to pure CBD / CBD + D9.


Packed with the natural goodness of pecans, these pralines offer the potential for relaxation, pain relief, and more through the benefits of CBD edibles. Experience the best of both worlds as you relish the rich flavors and discover the calming effects of our CBD-infused Pecan Praline — a truly irresistible combination.


  • 100% Made in Texas
  • Ingredients: Sugar, condensed milk, butter, vanilla, pecans. [Contains milk].
    • CBD Option Only: CBD isolate (50mg per piece).
    • D9 + CBD Option: Delta-9 / CBD Distillate (D9: 10mg per ¼ piece / CBD: 22.5mg per ¼ piece)


PriceFrom $8.00

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