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Quick Kush



Our strongest flower is final ready for sale! Don't let the looser bud structure fool you - this flower hits hard even before the D8 is added. Has a very unique smell, closest analog is fresh ginger, and the buds almost look white with dense trichome coverage.


Our D8 coating process involves no sprays, ethanol or solvents. The coating is not quite as even as solvent spraying, but the trade-off is worth having the safest product on the market. Residual solvent reports are available on our COA page.


The Specs:

  • 25.04% cannabinoids

  • 9% D8

  • 15.2% CBD

  • .51% THCA

  • 2.37% Terpenes - 1.26% Myrcene, .28% Limonene, .16%

  • Caryophyllene


Pink Panther



It's finally here! This Pink Panther has an incredibly rich palette of pine and citrus. This was a seed run, so some plants were completely purple and some had more green than others. Effects are sativa-like, great for a daytime smoke. Don't let the lower terpene levels fool you, this is our tastiest flower to date and my personal favorite!


The Specs:

  • 12.8% CBDA

  • .03% D9 THC

  • .56% THCA

  • 1.55% Terpenes - .42% Terpinolene, .31% Myrcene, .15% Limonene





Two distinct phenotypes are present, one is more dense and diesel smelling while the other is less dense but with many more trichomes and a more citrus smell.


The Specs:


  • 15.2% CBDA

  • 10.9% D8 THC

  • .04% D9 THC

  • .64% THCA

  • 2.3% Terpenes - 1.63% Myrcene, .254% Pinene main terps


Must be 21+ to purchase

2 Pack Pre Roll + Delta 8


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