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Honey + CBD is the perfect addition to your daily routine. Our honey boasts 8 ounces of raw, local Texas honey, infused with pure CBD Isolate. Not only does it offer the wellness benefits of CBD, but it's also versatile and easy to incorporate into your diet. Simply blend it into your favorite hot beverage or smoothie, or drizzle it over fresh fruit for a delicious and healthy treat. Get creative and enjoy the benefits of Honey + CBD today


  • THC Free
  • Federal Farm Bill Compliant
  • Dripping Springs, Texas


Honey + CBD

  • One serving = 5 milliliter or approximately 1 teaspoon 15 milligrams of hemp extract per serving 34 servings per jar. Try one serving at first. Wait 45 minutes before consuming another serving to gauge how your body metabolizes the cannabinoids.

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